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The foundation for Cross Border Connections is the unparallelled depth of knowledge that the team holds on the workings of, and opportunities found in, the US Free Trade Agreements within the MENA region. It was through our hands-on experience in Oman, working with local and international business, that we identified a need; despite the huge benefits to be realised from the FTA, companies were finding it hard to navigate business connections between the two countries and beyond.

With deep connections and years of experience in trade and investment consulting, founder Emmee Haun set up CBC to serve her passion of easing and promoting meaningful business relationships and profitable partnerships between her native USA and her adopted country of Oman.  CBC has now grown to additionally serve the greater GCC, MENA and India markets.

Emmee has over 20 years working for the government side of US Free Trade Agreements; first with the United States Government preparing and negotiating FTAs in the MENA region and then later collaborating with Moroccan, Bahraini and Omani counterparts on FTA implementation.  In addition to the unique public sector service, Emmee has years of experience in the private sector with experience as a Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of two entities in the consulting and oil/gas fields respectively.

Emmee brings a public and private sector approach for companies wanting to do business across borders.  Her distinctive knowledge of the US, GCC and Indian markets comes from years of professional experience in the MENA region and specifically in hosting 500+ individual and corporate businesses for business development roadshows across the globe as delegations and/or individual corporate services.

Throughout the years, Emmee has been an integral part of the FTAs in the Arab world, specifically in Oman.  In 2006, Emmee co-founded the Oman American Business Council (AmCham Oman) where today she still actively advocates for companies doing business under the FTA.  In addition to advocacy work for her clients, and supporting the general business community doing business under the US FTAs, Emmee, as a previous US Fulbright Scholar and US MBA fellow, believes in giving back to tomorrow’s future leaders by mentoring startups and small enterprises interested in global trade and investment.   

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