Omani goods go global

A current project of Cross Border Connections, we’re currently consulting with multiple Omani companies to export their goods to the USA. Our roles are to use our unrivalled knowledge of the workings of the US-Oman Free Trade Agreement to make sure the local companies are getting from it every benefit they can; and to assess the competition and demand for their products in the US with a market feasibility study. We’re also developing their marketing strategy for the US, to include in-person meetings with key players, as well as an innovative internet-based marketing scheme for US customers.

The team at Cross Border Connections is passionate about helping local Omani companies set up – and succeed – in the US. We provide logistical support in getting projects up and running; we suggest site options for assembly production; advise on registration requirements. Whatever help we can give to getting business to connect and thrive across borders.

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