Connecting companies, creating relationships

At Cross Border Connections, we love to create lasting and profitable partnerships. An Omani Semi-Governmental entity was interested in meeting with large American conglomerates in the food sector. After conducting an in-depth market analysis, including positioning clear value propositions for attracting US clients, Cross Border Connections provided a list of targeted, pre-vetted, interested companies for theContinue reading “Connecting companies, creating relationships”

Helping US businesses in Oman

We love to help US small businesses setting up in Oman. We’ve assisted with registrations, business development strategies, and by guiding companies through the many benefits of the US-Oman Free Trade Agreement. Cross Border Connections sees many US companies looking to establish an Omani presence, but often the costs of consulting with large corporations inContinue reading “Helping US businesses in Oman”

US Franchise to Oman

A great example of how our widespread connections can forge new international business partnerships: we were approached by a successful Omani entrepreneur interested in establishing a franchise of an American retail store in Oman – he had tried many times to contact the American headquarters, but with no response. By applying our US presence andContinue reading “US Franchise to Oman”